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McKenzie Library (Total collection 1,495 publications)

These publications were donated to The Kyoto Institute of Economic Research by Rochester University professor emeritus Lionel McKenzie (1919.1.26-2010.10.12).

After graduating from Duke Univerasity in the United States, Professor McKenzie studied at Princeton University graduate school, where he obtained both his masters and PhD in economics, and went on to teach at both MIT and Duke University. Following his appointment as professor to Rochester University in 1957 until his retirement, Professor McKenzie actually strove to train researchers over the course of 32 years. Every time he visited Japan, Professor McKenzie held lectures and talks at KIER seminars, as well as visiting and attending international symposiums sponsored by KIER. Consequently, he had close ties to Kyoto University and so he donated his massive library to KIER in October 2003. Professor McKenzie's students are active around the world, and there are many of his students who are teaching at other universities in Japan as well. Still he donated his books to the Kyoto Institute of Economic Research, which is an unparalleled honor for the institute. Making the most of this opportunity, KIER established the McKenzie Library within the institute itself, which continues to be of use in improving the research standards of both faculty and students at Kyoto University.

How to use McKenzie Library

If you would like to use McKenzie Library, please submit the "Application for Access to McKenzie Library (Excel, PDF)"to the KIER Library by the day before your visit.

In addition, please note that it may refuse to use in some cases.